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   Mirror Cells for round tube & mirror boxes.
AZ-11 Mirror Cell front and back view.  On the left you will see the fan kit installed .        AZ-12.5 box mount Miror Cell
View of the adjustable mounting brackets on the Miror Cell, they slide in or out to fit your box.    Side view of the AZ-10 Mirror Cell, with detail of the RTV disk.   View of the adjustment knob and the compression spring that provides adjustment for collimation on the Mrirror Cell.
View of the guidepost without retainer clips.  The o-rings center the mirror and take care of variations in mirror size. View of guidpost with retainer clip.
Retainer kit is available as an option,  specify mirror thickness when ordering.
This view shows a box mount and the pocket for nesting the batteries. Four thin long cut-outs are for velcro straps to secure the batteries.
View of the mounting bracket on the AZ-10 Mirror Cell. The bracket is marked with the inside dia of the scope tube that is intended, in this case, 12in.   The  hash marks help with centering the cell in the scope tube. The Silicone RTV is being applied. It is not necessary to push RTV into the holes. Apply a flattened bead around the outside of the raised ring. The small holes dramatically increase the cure rate of the RTV This view shows a minimum and appropriate amount of RTV applied to the support disc. The flat bead of silicone is above the raised ring at the center of the disc. 
      AZ- Mirror cells for round tube and mirror boxes    

The AZ Mirror Cells were designed with the input of Carl Zambuto for mirrors under 16 inches in diameter.  We are filling a need in the amateur astronomy market for a high quality cell that provides excellent support for the mirror. The Mirror Cells will be manufactured in small batches and assembled to order with a delivery of one week after placement of your order.  We use the online program PLOP to determine the position of the support points, and the six point support system is superior over a nine point system for small mirrors.

These cells compliment our custom made mirror cells that target larger mirrors from 16 inches up to 36 inches.

Attaching the mirror to the mirror cell with Silicon Rubber RTV may seem unconventional, but it's been done for at least 30 years.  With the silicone approach, the full weight of the mirror is hanging on the silicone as the scope goes to the horizon, so there is no need for edge support on the mirror. The math shows that deformation from no edge support on small mirrors, less than 15in. diameter is minimal, and well less than RMS surface error of 20 nm, see the article online MIRROR EDGE SUPPORT CALCULATOR by Robert Houdart.  Also there is substantial field data to show the performance of small mirrors with the silicone approach is very good, including astrophotography.  http://www.cruxis.com/scope/mirroredgecalculator.htm#GluingMirror

It is my understanding that the use of silicone to attach the mirror to a six point floating mirror cell was pioneered by Pete Smitka on his inovative Portaball Telescopes back in the 1990's. The well loved Portaball telescopes are still produced by Mag 1 Instruments out of Wisconsin.

We are also teaming up with Astro Systems to integrate their compact 12V battery and recharging kit into our cells. The kits are available on 12in and larger cells. This gives you versitility in runing power to other devices such as dew heaters and charge your batteries from various sources.

We are working hard to provide the home and commercial telescope builder with the very best products that we can.

Thanks for your business, and keep building better scopes.

Nathan Currier.
Mirror cells for TUBE SCOPES
Tube size Price  Fan Kit Retainer
Packaging & Shipping
UPS - Cont USA
AZ-8 6 point 10in. +-1/2 $225.00 $30.00 $28.00 PDF Drawing $20.00
AZ-10 6 point 12in. +-1/2 $290.00 $30.00 $28.00 PDF Drawing $20.00
AZ-11 6 point 11.8in.- 12.5 $310.00 $30.00 NA PDF Drawing $20.00
AZ-12  6 point 14in. +-1/2 $345.00 $52.00 $28.00 PDF Drawing $24.00
AZ-12.5 6 point 14in. +-3/8 $345.00 $52.00 $28.00 PDF Drawing $24.00  
  AZ-13 6 point Coulter upgrade? $385.00 $52.00 $28.00 PDF Drawing What is the Tube ID?
Please contact me
AZ-14.5 6 point NA          
Note:  the fan kit for 10 & 11 in miror cells uses a 60mm fan all others use 80mm
Mirror cells for BOX SCOPES  ( DOBSONIAN )
Box   size  Price  Fan Kit
Packaging & Shipping
UPS - Cont USA
AZ-12 6 point 13 3/4 --17in. $395.00 NA $28.00 PDF Drawing $30.00
AZ-12.5 6 point 13 3/4 --17in $395.00 $52.00 $28.00 PDF Drawing $30.00
AZ-13 6 point ? $455.00 $52.00 $28.00 PDF Drawing $34.00
AZ-14.5  6 point 15 1/2--18 3/4 $495.00 $52.00 $28.00 PDF Drawing $38.00
AZ-15 ? ? ?
  AZ-Cell General info PDF Drawing This sheet gives information about materials and design  
  60mm Fan kit AZ-8 only PDF Drawing PDF Install Instructions  
60mm Fan kit PDF Drawing 60mm Fan is used on 10 & 11in. AZ-Cells  PDF install instructions
80mm Fan kit PDF Drawing 80mm Fan is used on 12, 12.5 &14.5 AZ-Cells
  Astro systems charge kit See Astro website www.astrosystems.biz/pmcfan  
Retainer kit PDF Drawing Retainer clips can be added to all AZ-Cells with the exception of the AZ-11
How to apply RTV PDF - RTV This sheet gives instruction on how to apply RTV for gluing mirror
Remove mirror PDF - Remove This sheet gives recomendaitons on how to remove the mirror after gluing
  Gel cell batteries PS-630
Werker #WKA6-3.3
Fits box mounts Astro Systems,www.apexbattery.com or local battery store
Dimensions 5.28 x 1.34 x 2.35  6V 3.5 Ah
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